Sample Opt Out Letters

See also: How to Opt Out

These letters are merely guides. Feel free to customize them for your school community!

Basic letter samples
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Comprehensive letter samples:
This  letter includes MOSLs (additional high-stakes tests used to evaluate teachers).
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Dear Principal ___________________________:

I am writing to refuse to allow my child, __________________________, in class ___________, to participate in the New York State spring 2017 tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math, as well as any field tests for future state ELA and Math exams.

My decision to refuse in no way reflects on the hard work and talent of the teachers, administration, or staff at the school. I believe that my child’s education should be entrusted to the teachers, who are most experienced and who personally know her/his individual needs.

I understand that the school is required to offer the state ELA and math exams, but city and state officials have acknowledged that parents have the right to opt our children out of these tests.

Moreover, city officials have stated that students cannot be punished, forced to go to summer school, held back or forced to have a promotion portfolio solely because they did not participate in the state ELA and math tests.

Thank you in advance for respecting my refusal.



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